August 8, 2023 Deborah Hochadel

5-star Google Review!

"Comprehensive approach to CPR. I appreciated the approach of watching and discussing the videos first and then applying what we learned to the hands-on demonstration. Great job Cate!"
June 21, 2023 Havana Corvid

2023-06-21 | 20:27:39

June 5, 2023 Margaret Billowitz

2023-06-20 | 15:59:10

"I took a CPR class with Cate at the CompassCare Insitute of Caregiving, and it was great! She's thorough, fun, realistic, and detailed. She was able to connect with students who were first timers and those of us who were being recertified. Great location, great class, great teacher!"
April 26, 2023 moses oni

2023-06-20 | 15:59:01

"It was well detailed and informed and the facilitator was a pro and well experience in the field"
March 29, 2023 Leonard

Leonard | 2023-03-28 17:53:28

"I love the fact the staff and instructors are always keeping in touch with the students. Always keeping them updated on any changes that happen. Always there to help if you have any questions."