This Program has been designed to provide the student with the necessary classroom, lab/practical, and clinical experience to function as an integral part of the nursing team safely and competently. The Program will cover a variety of topics including anatomy and physiology, communication with clients, assistance with basic activities of daily living, identification and appropriate response to emergencies, and maintaining client safety. Through a variety of educational modalities, this Program will prepare the student to successfully pass the certification exam to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) within the State of Connecticut. 

Our Hybrid Certified Nursing Assistant Program integrates online learning with in-person practical labs and clinical rotations, providing students with a flexible yet comprehensive educational journey. 

  1. Online Lectures: Engage in virtual lectures led by live instructors on our online platform. Recorded sessions are also available 24/7, allowing students to adapt their learning to their schedules for increased convenience and flexibility.
  2. Practical Labs: Mandatory in-person practical labs, overseen by experienced instructors offer students the chance to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios while the students gain hands-on experience, fostering critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a skills lab.
  3. Clinical Rotations: Mandatory attendance- Provides supervised hands-on Through these rotations, participants refine their skills and explore diverse healthcare settings under the guidance of seasoned professionals. This practical exposure prepares individuals for the challenges and opportunities they will encounter in their healthcare careers.
  4. Technology:

Required equipment (minimum)

    • Reliable internet connection
    • A computer, laptop, or tablet

Optional Equipment

    • Headphones with a microphone for clear audio communication


Please be aware that students should be comfortable using basic computer functions and software, such as web browsers, email, and word processing programs. 

The Process

Students will first complete 57 hours of online training required prior to in- classroom dates. Access to the online material will be granted soon after registration. Those who do not complete the online portion will not be allowed into the in-person sessions and must reschedule.


Practical lab – after completing the online portion of the class, students will attend 16 hours of practical training, including skills testing and supervised practical sessions.

Clinical Rotations – After completing the in person practical labs, students will attend 36 hours of clinical rotations held on site at one of our local clinical partners. Students will spend their time with an instructor working with actual patients.


After successful completion, students may register for the state exam for licensure. All information for state testing will be provided after your course.


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