Our Self-Paced Online course is a Hybrid Program that replaces the theory portion of instructor-led lectures of a CNA program with online theory and this course lasts 6 weeks

While students are not in a traditional classroom setting, instructors are able to monitor student progress and performance through the Learning Management System. Our Self-Paced Online Instruction course, works on any device, allowing students to use smartphones, tablets or computers to complete the program at hours that best suit them, while following the CNA program’s syllabus. 

In conjunction with the online theory, students will meet in person with their instructors to cover the skills portion of their CNA training and their clinical hours in a skilled nursing facility. While these skills are initially introduced to students throughout the Self-Paced Online program, the students experience in-person instruction at our facility, which provides students with hands-on practice to master the skills. Students will also complete clinical hours, getting hands-on experience with residents under the supervision of their instructor. 

Self-Paced Online Instruction is not meant to replace the skills nor clinical components of a CNA program, is meant to serve as a substitute for the traditional classroom-based environment, for students who may be unable to attend an in-person CNA class or for those who prefer online learning at their own pace and schedule. 


The Process- 

Students will first complete 49 hours of online training required prior to in- classroom dates. Access to the online material will be granted soon after registration. Those who do not complete the online portion will not be allowed into the in-person sessions and must reschedule.


Practical lab – after completing the online portion of the class, students will attend 16 hours of practical training, including skills testing and supervised practical sessions.

Clinical Rotations – After completing the in person practical labs, students will attend 36 hours of clinical rotations held on site at one of our local clinical partners. Students will spend their time with an instructor working with actual patients.


After successful completion, students may register for the state exam for licensure. All information for state testing will be provided after your course.

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