The Joy of Being a Caregiver

Daughter Kissing Dad

While caregiving can bring challenges, it can also bring joy, both for professional caregivers and family caregivers. With the phrase “caregiver burnout” becoming more common as people are living longer and as family members are experiencing the “burden of care”, the perception is sometimes that caregiving is a thankless job. However, the rewards of caregiving […]

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How to Deal with Conflict Caused by a Defiant Elderly Parent (or Client)


Conflict is a part of every relationship, but when disagreements occur in the family they can become particularly upsetting and stressful.  Emotions are more on the surface and more readily escalate.  People who care about each other often find the most difficulties communicating and balancing their needs with the demands of a family member.  While […]

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The Skills of Listening Across Generations


Through the simple act of listening, you can help the seniors in your life to keep the sense of control and confidence that will allow them to feel more comfortable in social situations and more connected to other family members.  Your conversations can also provide mental stimulation and foster continuing interest in the world.  You […]

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